Mutate or Die!

MUTATE or DIE! is a four person local multi-player game, where each player controls an alien using a game pad.

Lazy Keyboard

A keyboard on which if you type too fast, it will refuse to process your input properly.


Modular sphere toys that together they create a playful experience.

Rejsekort check-out re-designed

Rejsekort check out with playful sounds.

Thin Ice

A third-person survival game based around global warming as experienced through the eyes of a polar bear.‚Äč

Ghost in the Shelves

A local 2-player asymmetrical VR game, where one player plays as a visitor of a haunted cabin and the other plays as the ghost that haunts the cabin.

Follow the Trend

Follow the Trend was developed as part of the ResistJam.

Wave Hello to Love

This project was developed during the Global Game Jam 2017, where the theme was “Waves”.

Shadow Sounds

A 2D top-down horror game we created for our course in Game Design (2016) at ITU.

Original Concept of Shadow Sounds

Our first concept of Shadow Sounds